Sometimes Writing Makes Me Feel Childish…

Posted Jun 6 2010, 11:34 pm in ,

I am in deep drafting mode–this is what happens after I get over the halfway point in a book. It’s not that I write faster. I don’t. I just write more. Or at least I want to. These are the days that I drool over the idea of a solid day alone with my computer.

Go ahead, laugh. I do.

I don’t get days alone with my computer. I love the idea (in theory), but I have a day job, a toddler, a house, a husband, friends, a couple neurotic dogs, etc. etc. You probably have all (or most) of these too, and if you do you know how hard it is to find a couple hours–let alone a whole day–for anything else. I’m not complaining. I have a freaking fabulous life.

Instead, I have to be willing to squeak out words whenever I get the chance. I try to carry around my AlphaSmart, but I can’t always plan for these surprise moments of writing opportunity. For those moments, I keep a notebook in my purse.

Quite the boyscout, huh? Always prepared? Not so much when your only pen is dry and you have to resort to writing with your son’s crayon.



2 responses to “Sometimes Writing Makes Me Feel Childish…”

  1. Adrienne says:

    It might not be pretty, but it gets the job done! I’m all for anything that moves us forward and keeps us productive.

  2. Lexi Ryan says:

    I think so too, Adrienne! Thanks!

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