Six Sentence Sunday: Second Chances

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This excerpt comes from my new release, JUST ONE NIGHT.  

The woman had the gravitational pull of the sun and was just as hot.
And just as lethal.
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He made it through the wedding and as far as the reception without submitting to the urge to pin her up against the nearest wall, to feel those curves pressed against him, to take that mouth.
Once, those full, pouty lips had begged him for everything he wanted to do to her.
Because he was a man, he’d wanted to take her up on her offer. Because he was ten years her senior and a fucking masochist, he’d refused.
~ ~ ~

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8 responses to “Six Sentence Sunday: Second Chances”

  1. Linda Morris says:

    Nice description — it takes us inside his frustration. Sexy six!

  2. Paula Martin says:

    Intriguing six, especially the last line.

  3. Ohh but how long will he able to say no for? Fantastic.

  4. I wonder how long he’ll hold out. Great six!

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