Re-Cover Reveal for Accidental Sex Goddess

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I’m so excited to share the new cover for ACCIDENTAL SEX GODDESS! While this book is fun like the previous cover, what fans tell me they love about it is the emotion at the story’s core and, of course, all the fog-up-your-glasses heat the story delivers. It was time to give the book a cover that better represented that.


What do you think?

Promotions director Reese Regan isn’t a sex goddess and doesn’t want to be. But when she’s offered a job with Sex Goddess, Inc., she must complete the company’s wildly popular Sex Goddess 101 program. Trying only to avoid the unemployment line, not to become Chicago’s next seductress, she never expected the infamous “steps” might work.Reese’s sexy, off-limits best friend Ben Hawk helps her “fake” her way through lingerie shopping, phone sex, and seduction lessons. The passion that flares between them might be hotter than their friendship can withstand. And the idea that he only wants the “new” her? That’s definitely more than her heart can stand.

Will faking something so important cost her a chance at something real?

~ ~ ~

“I’m going to let Mark take me out.”

His jaw ticked. “Don’t be stupid, Reese.”


He cut her off with his mouth. He cupped her face in his big palm and brushed his lips across hers. He was warm and gentle.

And from the first brush of his lips, she wanted more.

Maybe tomorrow she’d blame the tequila or maybe she’d blame the lingerie shopping or the dirty stories she’d been logging into her notebook. Maybe she’d blame their tragic beginnings and her endless months of waiting for him to want her, but right now she didn’t even need an excuse. She moaned against him, loving the feel of his mouth, the light scratch of his scruff. Ben was so painfully male. A hot and delicious, long-denied craving.

Ben slanted his mouth over hers and slipped his tongue inside. He tasted like beer. Like male. Like something wicked and addictive. He wasn’t one of those rushed and sloppy kissers. He kissed like it was making love. Like he had all the time in the world. Like his most important task was kissing her. It was a kiss she’d known once and had never forgotten.

He slid his hands under her jaw and into her hair.

Reese grabbed a fistful of his shirt in her hand and pulled him closer, thinking of his eyes on her in the dressing room, thinking of the only other night they’d kissed.
He slid a hand behind her ass and lifted her, pressing her between the wall and his body and nestling his hard-on right between her legs. She gave a moan of approval and rubbed her tongue against his, exploring his mouth for all she was worth. She reached around his neck and slipped her fingers into his hair, tugging gently. Groaning, he pressed himself even closer to her. She cursed the day denim was invented. She wanted closer, closer even as part of her brain told her this was a mistake, told her to end this before they ruined everything.

He tore his mouth from hers and latched onto her neck. Sucking, nibbling, tasting until her eyes closed and she arched into him.

His teeth grazed the shell of her ear. His breath was hot as he whispered, “I’ll be damned if I’m going to let my brotherhelp you with the best parts of this program.”

~ ~ ~

Have you read this book? What do you think of the cover? 

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3 responses to “Re-Cover Reveal for Accidental Sex Goddess”

  1. Lily B says:

    Love the cover! steamy looking 🙂

  2. Tracy says:

    Looking for more, are you writing more on the other characters in this book, need ending to questions you created with Reese/Ben story line……Halie, Mark, Luke, her sister??
    Love the book so much just want more:-)

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