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I did it. I went and did the thing I said I wouldn’t do: I started a blog. You may wonder why a writer who can hardly keep up with her email decided to blog, and my response is: Good question. Insanity is probably the most reasonable explanation.

But the truth is, I wanted a place where I could 1) easily gives my fans (all three of you) updates on my writing, and 2) share my latest kitchen creations (I have an un/healthy obsession with making decadent baked goods as whole grain, low fat, unrefined, and nutrient-rich as possible).

I’m off to see how this blogging thing works and try to put links to awesome people in my side bar, but this morning I made whole grain chocolate, chocolate chip muffins, so stay tuned for the recipe.

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  1. D.D. Scott says:

    Welcome to Blog-ville and Insanity, Lexi!

    I’ve been in both worlds for awhile now…and all’s good…well…at least I think so…probably shouldn’t ask my DH…LOL!!!

    Can’t wait for your writing words of wisdom as well as your beyond fabulous healthy recipes!

    Damn those chocolate muffins sound good…:)!

    Bake and Blog On, Sister! You Rock! — D. D. Scott

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